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Welcome to the Rainforest Room.

We are here to offer you an exciting line of products at a reasonable price.  I have traveled to Indonesia and hand selected the highest quality items.  Please note that all of these products are individually handmade by the indigenous peoples of Indonesia using their handicraft traditions.  Because each piece is handmade, there may be variations in size and color.  Our artists use non endangered woods and bamboo, which assists in the protection of the rainforest.  A portion of each sale is donated to the MARS Preservation Fund, Inc.  This non-profit publicly supported organization was created to preserve biological diversity through the purchase of habitat, promote captive breeding, and to educate the general public.  For more information CLICK HERE.



Featured Item of the Month

Hand carved batik cat set.
Fabric color may vary
Approximately 8", 10", 13" Tall. 

$35.00 set   shipping included


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Hand carved                                         $25.00 each
parasite wood snake                   * shipping included 

Mobile Wind  Chimes                           $18.00 each 
Cat or Giraffe                              * shipping included

Hand carved Suar wood elephant          $55.00 each 
Approx. 7" tall, 10" long              * shipping included

Cat Bookends or Moon Bookends         $20.00 each  Colors may vary                          * shipping included

Budha Mask                                         $30.00 each 
Approx. 11" tall, 6" wide             * shipping included

Hand carved Komodo Dragon             $125.00 each
Approx. 22" long                          * shipping included

Wooden Snakes                                   $18.00 each
Approx. 12" tall                           * shipping included

Yin Yang Candle Holder                        $12.00 each
(candles not included)                   * shipping included

Snake Statue                                         $55.00 each
Approx. 6" tall                             * shipping included

Gecko Wall Hanging                             $25.00 each
Approx. 16"

*  Shipping included in continental USA only

All prices subject to change without notice.



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